How was your homes 2020?

Despite the HOT HOT 2020 Market, THOUSANDS of St. Louis homes DID NOT SELL!

I have an appointment tomorrow to list a home. It’s been on the market already this year, and did not sell. It’s known as an EXPIRED LISTING.

My first class as a newly licensed Realtor was how to anaylze the cause of why some listings don’t sell. Sometimes there’s nothing the agent could do to sell it, other times there are significant problems that could be improved upon. things like:

  • successful strategy
  • high quality professional photos.
  • attractive furniture.
  • comfortable temperature for showings.
  • tasteful decor.
  • agent responsiveness
  • ability for buyer’s to see the home.
  • privacy for buyers.
  • accurate price.
  • clean.
  • properly marketed.
  • adequate signage.
  • smells good.
  • good curb appeal.
  • agent honesty and communication.

While several of these things aren’t always under control of the Realtor, we’ve found that many times, things that really should have been communicated with the seller are not even mentioned by the previous real estate agent!

Years ago, we met a person who’s home listing had problems. We immediately saw it was overpriced, the image quality was horrible, and the home had repairs needed that would have failed simple occupancy inspections. What’s more, the home was dirty and smelled bad, and the home owner stayed at home for all the showings. In another case, a sellers house was filled with clutter, stacks of magazines and newspapers, a refrigerator packed with magnets, photos and notes. In both cases, when we met the seller to discuss selling their home, we asked them if their agent mentioned anything about the blatantly obvious problems, and in both cases, it was never mentioned!!!

Did your home EXPIRE in 2020?

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